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Scott and John were on the radio.

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Faded Bloom (Live)

High Gear (Live)

Photo by Mark Ovaska

Very nice of you to stop by. They say it's all about the music and I believe them. In this case it's all about the independent music. The lonesome singer songwriter showing up at cafes, doing his thing and moving on to the next festival. No contracts, no labels, no headlines in People magazine, no shots of cellulite by those troublesome Paparazzi, on occasion not even an audience. Sometimes I make music by myself and sometimes I am joined by my friends, The Lemmings (see their special page). And sometimes I enjoy complete and utter silence....


Meaning What Exactly - Is for sale. Buy it Now. Please. Here are a couple of samples...

Review of Meaning What Exactly. Scroll to the Bottom. 

Broken Strings

Faded Bloom

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